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Britney Gone Wilder

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Britney keeps on going and going. At a NYC club on Sunday night, she allegedly got sick of her slutty red dress and asked the club's dancers to help her find a new outfit. She tried on their skanky fishnets, but they weren't quite right. Then she put on a bathing suit and it was almost right. After topping the bikini with a waiter's jacket, Britney danced through the night feeling oh so right. She may as well start dating Joe Francis and do her own audition tape for Girls Gone Wild. I mean, she's completely ruining her career, so she should become a coked-out alcoholic porn star already. What about her children? Yeah, exactly. What children? Rich people can always have 2 or 3 nannies looking after their offsping's every need so they can forget that they exist. If Fed-Ex gets full custody, then Brit's nannies will raise Sean P and Jayden at his place.

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Yeah. Brit's sprinting right from 'wackiness' to 'desparate cry for HELP', I think.

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