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Fashion Week: Faces of Death

Part of: Fashion , Fugly , Gossip , Hollywood , Trick Or Treat
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I probably should've waited until the late afternoon for the Pacific Standard Time people before I posted this. Sorry if the extreme fugliness ruins your lunch. The sad thing about Joan Rivers' extreme plasticness is that she's passed on the surgery gene to her daughter. Have any of you seen Melissa Rivers recently? She'll soon be a carbon copy of her mother. The middle picture is Amanda Lepore at the Heatherette show. And, no, she wasn't in the audience. She was a model. I understand that she's a transexual and has an extreme look, but it's too much. Stop with the plastic surgery, woman!!! Having a permanent clown's face is not beautiful. Her plastic surgeon should be shot. Then we have Rachel Zoe. Why is she still being photographed? You would think that she's the only stylist in Hollywood. I mean, she's not Nicole Richie's stylist anymore so who cares? She still hasn't taken my advice about covering her forehead with fringe so we don't have to see her worry lines. She would probably look weird with Botox, so this is a simple solution. At least her face isn't tan.


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Wow. I honestly really thought the middle pic was a mannequin for a while.

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