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K-Fed Goes in for the Kill

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Fed-Ex is a busy man--which consists of being a stoner and doing nothing. So he should push for full-custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James while Brit's at her lowest point of sanity. His attorney was totally smart to wait until Britney got a buzz cut, more tattoos and went in and out of rehab again in less than 24 hours. Though it could be said that Britney left rehab this time because she was worried about losing her children and that's why she visited her lawyer on Wednesday. It's always good to visit your lawyer when you're sober. I think at this point that Britney and K-Fed are incompetent to care for their children full-time. It would be better for them if a nice healthy family adopted Sean and Jayden. I don't trust Britney or K-Fed's parents, either. Brit's parents would have already gotten headshots for both children and I don't know who K-Fed's parents are, but I'm sure they're white trash. Let's hope that K-Fed's emergency hearing today actually benefits the children.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that K-Fed's emergency hearing has been postponed because Britney is back in rehab. K-Fed allegedly has the children in his custody right now and has threatened Britney that if she doesn't stay in rehab for the full length of treatment, he'll immediately go back to court. Hopefully, this was the push that Britney needed to finally get help. Cross your fingers, legs, arms, and whatever else you can think of that Britney will stay in rehab for good this time.

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