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Platinum Hair is Trendy

Part of: Fashion , Fashion Accessory Du Jour , Gossip , Hollywood , Kate Moss
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The new "It" hairstyle is short and platinum blonde. Remember when Kate Moss (above far right) shorn her trademark brownish-blonde locks and went platinum? I wish she would do it again. Model Carolyn Murphy didn't rise to supermodel fame until she cut off her brown hair, went super-short and white blonde. The latest "It" platinum coiffed model is Agyness Deyn (above far left). Selma Blair (seen above in gold) desperately needed a change. There's only so much that you can do with short hair. BTW, platinum hair is only worth doing if your hair is on the short side. Michelle Williams technically doesn't have platinum hair, but she did cut all of her hair off and went even blonder. I hope she did it for a movie roll, because it's not the most flattering style for her. The nice thing about going platinum is that you can be trendy without having to wear metallic clothes or accessories. Short blonde hair is the way to go if you don't want or can't afford the maintenance of platinum locks.

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i can't believe this website is still running because that is the oldest picture of kate moss that i have seen. in fact i missed that whole phase, and i thought i knew everything.

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