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Reality or Fiction

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Brit's playing the publicity game again. Remember when she told an paparazzi guy that she and Isaac Cohen had broken up a few weeks ago? That was a lie. Now US Weekly is reporting that the pair has split for real and quotes one of Isaac's friends as saying so. US points out that Britney has flown to Vegas and NYC without Isaac, acting like that's proof that they're splitsville. I'm going to assume that they're still together. She needs a working man like Isaac as a boyfriend who can't drop on a dime every time she's jetting off somewhere for work. No, I don't have proff that Isaac's working, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. He was photographed while on a modeling go-see recently.

Us is also reporting that Mischa has broken up with Cisco Adler because of the picture of him naked that's floating around the internet via I really don't care what Mischa does because this boyfriend and her last one (Brandon Davis) aren't even cute and seem like losers. I'm sure she'll be with Cisco for at least another 6 months. Mischa is boring. She needs to start hanging out with Lindsay Lohan.

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