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Stoned! Lindsay Lohan

Part of: Fashion , Fugly , Gossip , Hollywood , LA , Lindsay Lohan , Mischa Barton

[Breakfast: Ess-a-Bagel everything bagel with vegetable tofu cream cheese]

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Leggings with sweatshirts or shirts are the new Juicy Couture track suits: Just because they're trendy, doesn't mean that you should wear them. I know that LL was in rehab and post-rehab when these pictures were taken, but even jeans would have looked better. I mean, maybe she was late for her ballet class, but she doesn't need to dress like a child.

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Above we have LL's "I'm Your Alcoholic Mom Who Stays at Home Drinking all Day" look.

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LL also get confused about when and what boots she should wear with her short-shorts. I thought that her stylist was Rachel Zoe. Yeah, maybe that's the problem. Zoe has Mischa Barton running around town dressing like Holly Hobbie, so it's not surprising that LL's style has gone downhill. She used to be very stylish. Now she has her moments--like in the recent picture of her above in an adorable dress, but the majority of the time her looks aren't Fashionista Du Jour worthy.

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