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Fashion Friday: "The Hottie and The Nottie" Costumes Exclusive -- Part 2

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Marilyn Monroe was the Hollywood icon that most inspired The Hottie and the Nottie's costume designer Christopher Lawrence for Paris Hilton's costumes. Brigitte Bardot was a lesser one. Christopher wanted everything that Cristabel (Paris) wore to be soft and exude sex kitten. Marilyn tended to wear mostly black and white, so Paris wears a lot of white as Cristabel. Christopher also explained that Marilyn was often photographed in dresses and tops that showed off her beautiful neck and shoulders. He wanted the same for Paris.

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The clothes that Cristabel (Paris) wore in the boat scene at the Cabrillo Marina were inspired by Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot. Paris was wearing in the scene: a white robe (Wet Seal), espadrilles (Juicy Couture), her own white shorts (Jill Stuart) and a striped top (Blumarine). In an apartment scene later that day, Paris wears the espadrilles and shorts with a wrap sweater (not pictured) by Ya-Ya. The famous picture of Marilyn on the beach also inspired this wrap sweater.

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The Farrah Fawcett inspired jogging outfit on the beach was by American Apparel. In the yoga scene Cristabel (Paris) is wearing a gorgeous striped sweater by Petro Zillia and workout wear by the trendy store Lululemon.

The blue T-shirt dress below is also by American Apparel. OMG! It's totally affordable. The adorable white Mary-Janes that didn't end up in the movie were by Petro Zillia.

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Fashion Friday: "The Hottie and the Nottie" -- Exclusive


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