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America's Next Top Illusionist

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The thing that I don't get about the recreation of Tyra's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover, is that her body doesn't look that different. I'm surprised after all of her ranting and raving on her talk show about women accepting the body that they have as long as they're healthy--that Tyra would allow for her image to be photoshopped. If only they'd photoshopped her hair instead--that blonde wig is the fugliest! Also, who wears that much makeup when they're wearing a bathing suit?

Below we have Tyra celebrating her voluptuous bod in a slinky dress at The Vanity Fair Oscar party. She looks particularly reserved. I guess she's still afraid of the paps. Did any of you guys see Tyra's People Magazine follow-up show this week? It's nice that she had all of her audience wearing the same outfit that she wore for her Fat is Back cover. I say that with irony because tonight is the premiere of America's Next Top Model -- Cycle 8. Tyra even mentioned on her talk show that she was psyched to finally get approval for two Plus Size models this season. I had to go back and look at the model's pictures to figure out who was the second bigger model. I assume that it's Diana. I can't wait for Tyra to do an intervention episode on this season's Incredibly Shrinking Model like she did on Melrose last season when she started lookhing unhealthy and skeletal.

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I think she looks different in the newer one in the hips, thighs, and arms but it still looks photoshopped. Tyra is a goofus. I was real sad they let Kimberly go last night. She didn't get the shot and was obviously slow but she made me laugh. The super short mail order bride should have been gone.

Tyra should just let it go. She seems to be defending her weight gain rather than accepting it. If there's nothing wrong with having curves then stop talking about it so much. Who recreates a magazine cover so she can say "I'm not fat! Really, I'm not!"? And I agree, the blond weave has got to go.

I think she looks better in the left one cos she's so shiny and plasticy looking on the right.

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