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Why I Hate Rachel McAdams

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , LA , Rant

A reader writes:

"I'm writing in reguards to your amateur gossiping website and it's hateful tones towards Rachel(and Ryan). I'm not quite sure why you've decided to target Rachel in such a rude manner, jealousy maybe, but she is one of the sweetest women you could ever know. Making fun of her style, hair, etc. seems very a very childish thing to do for a grown woman. In reguards to your "gossip" on Ryan hanging out with an ex girlfriend. If he did, it was simply on friendly terms only, and I'm sure Rachel knew about it. Ryan is in a committed relationship. He and Rachel have been spending time in LA for the last month(where they live together)and if you were trying to insinuate that Ryan was spending time with an ex girlfriend in a romantic way you clearly have no idea what you're talking about, and neither do your "sources". Ryan has a very close group of friends and yes this includes some ex girlfriends. It means nothing. Ryan is committed to the relationship he's in. How would I know any of this you're probably asking yourself.....I'm a personal friend of both he and Rachel's, whether or not you wish to belive I could care less. "

OK, I don't hate Rachel McAdams. I don't know her to like her or hate her. However, as you can see from the above, some of her friends and fans passionately hate me for finding her annoying. (You can click here and here to see more of their comments). I've been accused of disliking Rachel because I'm jealous that she's a famous actress and is hotter than me and because I am single and/or am obsessed with Ryan Gosling. A. I would never want to be a famous actress because your whole life becomes public. Also, I have no desire to act. B. I personally think that I'm just as good looking as Rachel or prettier, C. I am not single and D. I forgot about Ryan Gosling's existence until he got nominated for an Oscar.

I just think Rachel has been really dumb about her career. She fired her agent at The Gersh Agency (a good boutique agency) as soon as she broke out in Wedding Crashers and went agentless for a while. Then she starred in Red Eye which wasn't a bad career move, but after that she did The Family Stone. That movie was probably not good for her career since she played second fiddle to Sarah Jessica Parker and she should've stuck to leading lady roles (but maybe I'll give her the benefit of the doubt if she filmed The Family Stone before she appeared in Wedding Crashers). With no more fillms to her credit since then, she's now appearing in Married Life, a film "a 1940s-set drama where an adulterous man plots his wife's death instead of putting her through the humiliation of a divorce" starring Pierce Brosnan and released on a straight distribution basis by MGM. Yawn.

I think that Rachel's biggest career screw-up was her decision not to pose "naked" for the infamous Tom Ford Vanity Fair cover. That would have definitely helped her career. (Look where Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson are now). Most actresses must get naked in at least one film to get their careers to the next level. The Three Jessica's (Biel, Simpson, and Alba) should take note. The funny thing is that, despite her "I won't go naked for Vanity Fair" mindset, Rachel did go topless in some earlier films. Oh, did I mention that she fired her publicist over the Vanity Fair scandal? It seems to me like she's firing the wrong people and that's what's fucking up her career. She had everything going for her after Wedding Crashers. It sounds like she became a diva too soon for her own good. That's why she should go away. She doesn't deserve success now after being so stupid. And who cares if Ryan is or isn't cheating on her. I happened to ask one of my insiders the other day if they had any gossip and they had something about Ryan Gosling. BTW: My sources and insiders are the best of the best. I would never use a piece of gossip from a source if I didn't believe that it was 99% true.


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I couldn't care less about Rachel McAdams but geez get a life woman. Stop whinning about her if you don't like her. You are writing so many none sense you sound ridiculous. Get back to real gossip. so she didn't pose naked for Vanity Fair big deal its her body!! not everyone is interested to whore themselves for fame ever think of that. I think you're taking this Vanity Fair shoot a bit too personal. As for Ryan if he turns out to be a dog then she'll kick him to curb and move on to someone more deserving that's it. Now can we talk about something else????.

So you hate Rachel McAdams because you think she fucked up her career, and that's why you tear her down at every opportunity? Do you realize how stupid and immature that is? GEEZ!

It's HER career! Clearly she doesn't WANT the sort of career that YOU had in mind for her or she would have stayed at Gersh and become the next Julia Roberts, or posed nude in VF and accepted every piece of crap that came her way.

And what does posing nude for a magazine cover strictly for the sake of SELF-promotion have to do with agreeing to do a topless scene in a film that requires such a scene? As a "film reader," how can you possibly not know the difference?

As for Gosling and Half Nelson: You obviously haven't noticed that times have changed. Studios and AMPAS don't dismiss the merits of a film and a performance just because the film didn't have a wide release and make a billion at the box office!

From everything you've said in your response to Rachel McAdams's fans, it's obvious that you have no respect for talent or quality.

She is only a stupid bimbo catering her good name and talents to the rich sexist man for money. And her hair really suxxors..!

Let it go. You don't need to respond to people criticizing what you write. If that's how you feel, so be it. This is your blog. Don't feel the need to explain yourself. All writers receive criticism and in this media you receive even more because you are allowing your readers to respond. Looking at the number of post on this subject compaired to other posts, sounds like Miss McAdams has a few friends reading you. Stand by what you say. Don't feel the need to explain. Writing 101: not everyone will like what you write

OK, I actually like Rachel McAdams and I could give two shits about what you write about her. I love that all these people have their panties in a twist over you being honest about what you think- well then why are they bothering to read your blogs and take the time to rant about it??

Kudos to you for having the balls to speak your mind. Too few do.

Yep this is your blog...if you choose to voice your views and opinions, and others don't agree then expect to be flamed... after all, you allowed this to happen, by opening this up to a public forum.

Rachel is in a situation where she will be criticised and scrutinised for her every choice and move, both good and bad... and she knows that!!!

If you feel it your right to criticise another, then equal measure is fairplay, and expect the very same from should know that!!

I JUST started reading your blog and haven't noticed any Mcadams bias or anything. I will say this - because of the movie the notebook there are THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of obsessed Rach and Ryan freaks who thin that their reali relationship is somehow in line with their on screen romance and will defend these two thill their dying days. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE SICKOS.
Anyway who gives a shit.
This is a gossip blog retards and if you don't like it go somewhere else instead of freaking out because you believe, (really?!) believe that Gosling and Mcadams represent all that is good in the world and cry your freaking eyes out every weekend when you view the Notebook -

i think rachel mcadams is an amazing actress. it takes guts to leave your agent and make it on your own, and being from Canada where people believe you should stay to small films that takes guts too. i wouldn't want to pose half or fully naked either its nice to see someone out there that respects her body.whats it too you what she does or doesnt do? if Ryan is a bad boyfriend i think she can take care of herself, since she isnt a bimbo. Alanah

yeah I agree with only the level headed people above. Its your blog, its your opinion, its your time and money to waste. One could say the same for Rachel McAdams (and her ability to trash you or other people), but hey you beat her to the punch! ha jk. Anyway I can understand being a little defensive once in a while, and its acceptable. Keep up the interesting work.

You have no idea what you're talking about. Do you think that going nude would help improve Rachel's career? That would make her a lot less respected and not to mention the moral standards she would have to break. Going nude is wrong. She probably realizes that now, but she didn't back when she was filming My Name is Tanino. She's a great actress who someday will when an oscar. She's not stupid for firing her publicist if he/she didn't tell her it was nude. And for your info, Rachel doing some other movies now, too. The Return and The Time Traveler's Wife, not just Married Life. So don't go around acting like you know everything and trashing Rachel's career. Don't you have better things to do in you spare time?????!!!!

I lived with Rachel Mcadams in Toronto for 1 year. She is the most two-faced person you will ever meet. She treats everyone like shit unless they can help to further her career. My friend is a casting director and she would be all over him like a fat kid on smarties when he came over; keep in mind she only spoke to me when he was around to ensure he invited her to all the industry fake. She constantly hit on my boyfriend which was awesome. She also bailed on 2 months rent and slit my tires on my car when I asked her to move out. NOT a nice girl. At the academy awards for Science/Tech she treated the staff so badly so will not be invited back....

And we are supposed to believe you, Anne Brian, because...? You said so?
I don't think so.

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