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'Ana' Alert

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I've wondered about Michelle Williams weight for a while, because she was always a normal weight and then suddenly got really skinny. Of course, this doesn't mean that one is 'Ana.' The reason why I couldn't analyze Michelle's body in the past is because she doesn't wear tight clothes. Oh, I forgot about this picture of her last year in a bathing suit! Her body looked normal skinny. I found it odd that she was wearing a one-piece, though. Some women with eating disorders wear baggy clothes--in their eyes, they're never skinny enough. Michelle's picture on the left was taken the other day while she was on set filming Incendiary in NYC. I love her outfit (including her Mike and Chris leather jacket) and we're able to see her legs for once. The picture of her on the right is also recent. She's definitely gotten thinner--I doubt she eats much. I do think that she's on the cusp of being too thin, if she isn't already.

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