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Beyonce Channels Holly Golightly

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Unfortunately, I couldn't find the exact Breakfast at Tiffany's photo that inspired Beyonce's Australian concert poster. (The art director of my BAT banner found it.) Below is part of the banner with Audrey Hepburn's full face. Beyonce's Holly Golightly-esque poster has created controversy in Australia because anti-smoking groups think that impressionable young girls might now pick up the bad habit. They would like for all of the Australian posters to be banned. If younger girls are Beyonce's target audience, then it's odd that her marketing people, manager, etc. would approve an ad that targets an older demographic. The ad only works if you know that it references Breakfast at Tiffany's. Otherwise it seems dated.

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I do not know whether to laugh or be horrified Beyonce's people would possibly think she could do Holly Golightly... the mind reeeeeeeeels!

i think beyonce wants to be like tiffany! she is so copying you!!

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