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Britney's Post-Rehab Fashion

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OMG, I've been dying for Britney Spears pictures. I really wanted to see all of her new dresses since I'm obsessed with dresses--I'd wear them all summer long if I found ones that I liked. I was hoping that I could shop via Britney. Remember when she allegedly said that she wanted someone in her team to buy her only dresses (none that are black) while she was still in rehab? She has been wearing white dresses since she's been out. The only one I've liked (but wouldn't buy) is the one that she wore to lunch at Barefoot. It suited her, and I liked her straw hat and sunglasses. Britney looked like an adult, not a teenager. I like almost all of Britney's hats and the Chloe bag suits her. The sweater she's wearing above left has got to go--that is, unless Brit's Grandmother knitted it for her. Let's hope that she sticks to dressing in a classier fashion.

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It was hard, humilating and sad to see her lose it. She's gonna be calm and together cooperating with everyone for a while. Enjoy the calm while it lasts.

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