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Britney's Win Against Nasty British Tabloids

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There are some stories that I find so distasteful or believe to be such ridiculous lies that I don't blog about them. I know you're shocked to hear that from a gossip blogger. WTF? I really can't remember when this last happened other than the Anna Nicole after death stories that are speculative (Come on, talking trash about a dead woman who wasn't evil is wrong) and Britney Spear's alleged behavior in rehab (I did write one post). I don't ever remember a rehab facility disclosing private information about a celebrities behavior ever--that's just wrong. If you're not safe in rehab, where do you go from there?

However, a lot of the rehab gossip seems fake, though I'm sure that Britney wasn't the nicest person in rehab considering that she's one of the most famous celebrities alive and was having major issues. Normal people probably aren't nice in rehab and they don't have the added pressure of the whole world watching them and trying to photograph them at rehab. If someone at Promises was leaking true info to the press--like that bit about Britney being bi-polar--then they should be prosecuted. I'm glad that Britney's fighting back.

Fox News reports:

LONDON — Lawyers for Britney Spears won a British court injunction Thursday designed to prevent publication of stories about her recent stay in rehab.

The injunction bars unidentified "person or persons ... who has/have been leaking information about Ms. Spears' time in a rehabilitation clinic from further disclosures invading her privacy," said Schillings, the 25-year-old pop star's London law firm.

The injunction was issued at the High Court by Judge Charles Gray.

..."Schillings said Spears planned to ask the court to force media outlets that had printed stories about her time in rehab to reveal their sources so that the source of the leak could be identified "and action can be taken against him/her."

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