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Fashion Friday: Spring Bows

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[Breakfast: cheese and chile quiche. strawberry and cream cheese coffee cake. Coffee and orange juice.]

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I've been ill with a sinus infection for the last two weeks--the spring weather hasn't helped. Anyway, with sinus infections come massive headaches and tiredness, so I haven't been posting as frequently. Since I posted less on Friday, there will be more fashion posts this week. My infection has almost cleared, thanks.

I'm quite sick of bows. Christina Aguilera's sexy, silk bow top looked fresh in November 2006, but Sandra Bullock and JLo's spring bows look dated. They remind me of the '80s in a bad way. JLo's blouse reminds me of a frumpy secretary top. Just because a top has a bow, doesn't mean you have to tie it in a traditional manner. Sandra's outfit is chic, but her top would've looked hipper if she had tied it once (not into a bow) and looser to show some skin. JLo has this weird young/old thing going on. She tends to dress her age (good) but often does her hair and makeup too young--except for when she's wearing a granny turban!

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