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Fashion Friday: Red, White and Patterned

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Lindsay Lohan , Paris Hilton
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Red, White and Patterned: Good. Red, White and Blue: Bad. I don't know why this mix of colors has suddenly popped up on entertainers, but it's pretty. I especially like Gucci's mix of purple, red and white this season. Speaking of Gucci, I assume that Lindsay Lohan's embroidered tunic is by Gucci because it's consistent with their Spring 2007 collection. It also reminds me of Matthew Williamson. If any one knows for sure, please leave a comment. Her shorts are by Deener and her red flats are Lanvin. I love her outift, and I don't say that often about LL's attire. JLo's muumuu dress by Thomas Wylde has a nice pattern, but it's too big and shapeless--nice for the beach, but that's it. I don't know why she's copping such a sexy pose--it looks really silly like she's a prostitute at the Bunny Ranch waiting to be picked--Did any of you guys see that show on HBO?. Oh, and her shoes are like fortysomething stripper shoes. They're probably Yves Saint Laurent or something, but I hate them. Paris' dress is OK. She's been dressing pretty conservatively since all of her sexy home videos were made public. I don't get her purse, though. It looks like a makeup bag--WTF?


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