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I See Stars

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[Breakfast: leftover eggs benedict. Tropical green tea.]

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I finally had another Jessica Biel sighting while I was dining at Rustic Canyon Friday night with DK. Again, I was shocked at how much prettier Jessica is in real life. She looks much younger and more natural. Maybe she needs a new makeup artist and hair stylist for red carpet events. Of course, her body photographs larger because she has an athletic build--it always looks good, though. It's Jessica's face that I can't get over. It looks so much more angular in photos, which makes her appear older. Jess' hair was straightened--I like it better curly--and she was wearing a cute tan trench coat while dining with three women and a guy. No, the guy was not cute and wasn't someone that she was dating. I was happy to have a good celebrity sighting considering that our food was not very good. The last two times we had tasty food there, but considering that the owner/chef is always in the kitchen things like burnt toast and pastry should not go unnoticed. However, the manager handled these problems with grace and professionalism.

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