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Life & Style Meets BAT -- Part 2

Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , Music

[Breakfast: low-fat Greek yogurt w/ oats and dried apricots]

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I've always liked lavender eye shadow by MAC and Stila. I don't know about deep purple eye shadow--it can look drag queenish if you don't watch out. (See Jada Pinkett Smith and Eva Longoria above). Lavender works a lot better on brunettes like Catherine Zeta Jones.

Hmm...I'm on the fence about the ruffles trend. It seems too girlie-girl for me. I recently tried on a dress with minor ruffles and wasn't comfortable in it. Some people can carry it off. I do like the gray skirt below by Besoni--it's quirky and contemporary.

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Articles and PIctures Courtesy of Life & Style magazine]


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