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Life & Style Meets BAT

Part of: Fashion , Fashion Accessory Du Jour , Hollywood , Paris Hilton , Sienna Miller
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Luckily, I was able to get a hold of Life & Style's fashion section from their most current issue for sale on newsstands today. I will be posting the other pictures tomorrow and Friday.

I like that Life & Style points out how the size of Carmen Electra's Marc Jacob's Hudson bag almost overwhelms her petite frame. I think it definitely overwhelms her--I would put the picture in my "Bags That Hide Starlets" category. This style of handbag is going to be huge. I even saw very similar ones here that are by Jimmy Choo. Funny, considering that they remind me of strappy shoes. I would so buy the shoe version of these bags.

As for the other accessories, I agree that Charlize Theron's outfit works better with the gold Jimmy Choo shoes. However, in the last picture, I like the way that Sienna paired her crystal lariat by Lia Sophia with a simple outfit. Paris is wearing too many accessories that compete with her metallic dress.

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BAT's Favorite out of 7 Trends: Dressy Leather Jackets, Mixed Brights and Geometric Patterns

BAT's Least Favorite out of 7 Trends (that Keep Going and Going): Trapeze Tops and Gold Accents

[Articles and PIctures Courtesy of Life & Style magazine]


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J-Lopez looks super elegant. Even if Paris wore the best and finest you still got that permanent ugh and get away from me factor.

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