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Life & Style's Best Oscar Party Dresses

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The current issue of Life &Style Weekly has some good pictures of Oscar dresses. I really liked Nicole Kidman's red dress and Cate Blanchett's sexy metallic one. Too bad Nicole Kidman looked like a space alien in hers. She should really lay off Botox. I wonder if she and Tom use the same doctor? Anyone notice that Tom has slimmed down and looks younger? I wonder if he has a special alien Scientologist plastic surgeon--probably.

I wasn't a fan of Cameron Diaz' dress on film, but in this picture it resembles a slightly chicer paper airplane. Cam's hair and makeup weren't the best and her face looked puffy. The bottom of her dress totally looked like a tablecloth, too. At least she wasn't dressed like a duck a la Penelope Cruz. DK always makes fun her her duck-like nose. I just figured out that Penelope's dress reminds me of Big Bird from Sesame Street...hahaha. I'm totally serious, though.

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Jennifer Hudson's gold after parrty dress is prettier than her Oscar one, but it looks a little heavy on her. It's probably more flattering in person. I'm not a fan of Amber Tamblyn's Valentine Day frou-frou dress. Wait, doesn't Diane Kruger look skeletal? Her stylist should've covered her arms and bony chest with some of those ruffles. Oprah Winfrey is tres sexy in her Gucci (for the other dress designers click on the pictures) dress. I don't know about Ellen Pompeo's dress gown.It doesn't seem to suit her coloring or vibe. I would have rather seen it on someone with more dramatic features and darker hair.

[Images Courtesy of Life &Style Weekly]


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I thought Cruz's dress looked like a skinned Muppet. I am so glad someone agreed.

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