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Naomi's Second Day of Work Attire

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , NYC
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Naomi decided to piss off PETA--it's all the rage these days--by wearing an ugly fur jacket. I guess she figures there's enough police escorts around her to save her from a paint attack. But PETA knows where she is and what time she gets off work for a whole week. Maybe it's an old jacket since she's slung her work boots over it and she doesn't care. Naomi's legging-like trousers are more fashionable than yesterdays sweats, but need to be hemmed. I hope they don't drag on the floor when she's mopping. They really are a better choice to wear with an orange vest. I'm not so fond of Naomi's fedora hat. It's not something she's going to want to wear after a hard day of cleaning. What I really care about now is what she eats on her lunch break.


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