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Naomi Campbell Dresses for Mopping Floors

Part of: Fashion , Gossip
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Naomi Campbell has had some fashion flops lately, so I was really curious to see what she would wear to her first day of community service at a Manhattan sanitation garage . If you think they're going to make her wear an orange jumpsuit, you're seriously naive. She only has to wear an orange vest. Naomi was smart to bring a pair of work boots to replace her Christina Louboutins in case she gets blisters, but where did she get those work boots? I bet she made one of her employees take them off and loan them to her. There's no way that she had a pair of muddy boots sitting in her closet. She's wearing a dumpy pair of sweatpants--another smart move. I'm concerned about her sweater, though. It looks like cashmere. Let's hope that she's wearing a cotton tank top underneath it. How would Naomi know that cleaning makes you sweaty? At least she remembered to wear a hat. I wish her luck in completing her 5 day sentence. I bet that Naomi's former maid (who she hit with her cell phone) Ana Scolavino is peeing in her pants right now 'cause she's laughing so hard.

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