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Naomi: Day Three and Four

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , NYC
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Naomi's chicest community service outfit so far was yesterday. It's tragic that she couldn't at least lunch with her sanitation department supervisor off-site. Love the hat, jacket and boots. Did she stash her sweats in her bag? Tights aren't appropriate for mopping floors. Oh, and I love that signs in the background that say "Wrong Way" and
"Go Back."

Today's look is kind of all over the place. Naomi's jeans are dirty and aren't flattering. She 's wearing another old fur jacket perfect for slinging work boots over. And her hat isn't cute at all--it's a baseball cap attached to her bag. You can tell that Naomi is really sick of doing blue collar work. Maybe she's just really hungover. You didn't actually think she'd do community service sober, did you? I'm sure no one is searching her bag or purse.

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