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Duh! Nicole Richie is Hypoglycemic

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Publicists are getting lazy. Blaming Nicole's collapsing 'episodes' on hypoglycemia is the dumbest excuse ever. After collapsing yet again while shooting scenes for "The SImple Life 5," Nic's publicist had to act quickly. I used to get frustrated with my friend who had an eating disorder because quite often when we were out, she'd get soo weak and faint from not eating, that we'd have to stop whatever we were doing so she could eat something before she passed out. Nicole's ill health is obviously from an eating disorder and/or drugs. Isn't it kind of stupid having an anorexic celebrity working at a fat camp even if it's fabricated? And Nicole's condition is probably getting worse being around fat people. She's probably having nightmares about becoming fat, and that's worse than having nightmares about being killed.

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Any info on Nic's tennies? Where to find? Tks!

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