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Nicole Richie: A Professional Liar

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Nicole Richie is looking healthier these days. She has thighs and I've seen them! I don't know why she keeps acting like she's the picture of health, though. I know for a fact that Paris and Nicole have control over "The Simple Life" production and can get away with murder. So I don't know why Nicole recently told OK! these things:

About the dehydration incident: "It actually made me really upset because I did not need to go to the hospital at all - it's just another headline. I was just tired, and I left [the hospital] after 10 minutes."

What led up to it: "The hours that I'm doing are really crazy right now. I was getting my hair and makeup done in the morning and I turned the heat on to 90, which I probably shouldn't have done, but I like it really hot in my room. I hadn't eaten breakfast yet and I asked for a bowl of cereal, but when you're on a big set it has to go through 15 people to even get to me. I walked outside and I just wasn't feeling like myself. There wasn't an on-set doctor, so instead they took me to a hospital. There was absolutely nothing wrong with me."

If Nicole is cold all the time, then she's still underweight. She's not working crazy hours on "The Simple Life." Oh, and when a star wants something to eat, they get it right away--trust me. "The Simple Life" isn't a movie and it only has two stars, so I doubt there are a million crew members on-set. There's always an on-set medic. The medic would have made the decision to send Nicole to the hospital. So basically Nicole lied in her interview with OK!

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um.. My advice for Nicole. When you are not working, stop by the store and buy some healthy snacks, drinks and carry them in that huge purse you always have slung from your shoulder dummy!

nicole is cool and i'm glad 2 c that she's looking healthier and looking great!

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