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Pose Off: Christina Aquilera vs. Katherine McPhee

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Music
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Katherine McPhee needs to learn some posing tips from Christina Aguilera on how to do the cartoon pin-up girl pose. I mean, pop stars/starlets really shouldn't try these poses on the red carpet unless they've practiced them in front of a full-length mirror at home dozens of times. It seems like Kat only attemped to pose this way because she was giddy from hosting the Self magazine and VHI's Hollywood's Tightest Bodies event or because she was drunk--seriously, she usually knows how to pose like a normal red carpet chick. My personal favorite is the I'm-Sqauting-To-Take-A-Pee pose in the first thumnail below. I also don't get why she's clutching her hands around her crotch doing her Betty Boop pose below. Well, I think the problem is that her body is thrusted out too far. It looks awkward. Her straight arm pose in the last thumbnail is seriously hilarious. WTF??

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You know, I don't get all the hoopla about the "mcPheever" in the first place, I wish she would just go away.

That's... a little off. The squatting one especially.

Ok, I know I will sound a little ignorant, but "Who the hell is Katherine McPhee?" Never heard about her before...

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