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Congrats to Tori Spelling

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood

[Breakfast: 3 ginger and lemon cream cookies by Carr's. Green tea.]

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Isn't it odd that Tori and her mother, Candy Spelling, made up yesterday just hours before Tori gave birth to a baby boy? Isn't it also odd that Tori and Dean McDermott named their son Liam 'Aaron' McDermott. Coincidence or planned? I believe that it was part of Tori's masterplan to get more of her late father's money. Sure, Tori comes off as being another ditzy blonde with money, but that's not the case. She learned from her first marriage that as sooon as you get married, all your parents care about is when you're going to have a baby. Tori cruelly snatched this dream away from her parents when she had an affair with her MOW co-star and married him! Dean already had two kids. But Tori knew how to be the ultimate bad girl and still get what she wanted ($$$$). Get pregnant ASAP with a baby that Candy would be dying to Grandmother even before it was born. Actually, I shouldn't give Tori so much credit. I'm sure she saw this storyline on her favorite soap opera. Let's pray for Tori that her mother gives her more money and doesn't just set up a trust fund for her baby--that would totally suck.

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Eh. Sort of creepy and gross. Hopefully it works out okay, I s'pose.

Hey Tori's father made the money for his family and their heirs to use.. NOT JUST 4 HER MOTHER :]>+= I am sure he would have never excluded his daughter and grandchild like Candy did and would have scolded her for being such a control freak.

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