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VF Party: Models Dressed in Fug

Part of: Fashion , Fugly , Gossip , Hollywood
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Since it's Friday, I though I'd critique the ugly fashion first. How good do you feel about yourself now that you've seen photos of 5 beautiful models in ugly dresses? I know most men would still have sex with a model even if they were wearing garbage bags, but whatever. These models should look stunning considering that they have the best designers in the world on speed dial. We have Linda Evangelista dressed like the mother of the bride. I know she had a baby not that long ago, but she didn't have to wear a dress with no shape. Naomi Campbell's dress looks like an owl. It would be cute if there weren't owl eyes and ears covering her breasts. What's really tragic is how badly accessorized she is. I mean, she probably was drinking a lot of Coke with Terence Howard before the VF party, but a good model should know to accessorize before having a sugar and caffeine high. Natalia Vodianova decided to dim her shine with an architectural grey dress. Grey is soo not her color. And who wants to look like an office building?

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Karoline Kurkova and Carolyn Murphy are some of the hottest models out there. Carolyn tried to go for a glamous vintage look, but instead ended up looking like a frumpy, dumpy girl wearing thrift store finds. And Karolina seems to be wearing her safe grey dress--at least her staple isn't in black. Maybe the editor of Vanity Fair magazine, Graydon Carter, told the models that the only way they could come to his Oscar party was if they wore ugly dresses so that none of the A-list actresses would feel inferior.


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