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Worse Than Wearing Fur, Wearing Ugly Fur

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Kate Moss , The Olsens
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If you're going to piss of PETA, at least look stylish while doing it. Kate decided that her other fur coats were too posh for a helicopter ride and donned a fugly one for Pete Doherty's birthday ride. I can't think of an excuse for Ashley--bad fur day?? Apparently, it's taken PETA over a decade to realize that Pamela Anderson wears Ugg boots all the time. Not only are Ugg boots lined in sheepskin, but they're suede. I bet that Pam's been wearing leather shoes forever, too. PETA's other most vocal 'celebrity' spokesperson, Heather Mills, also got called out for wearing a mink coat years ago. That shouldn't count. Most people weren't born in PETA. What's sad is her excuse--that it was her deceased mother's fur coat and it made her feel closer to her mother. She could have worn it at home.

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Bunch of retards.. If it was good enough for God to put on Adam and EVE, what is their gripe!?!

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