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Kate Bosworth has Finally Gained Weight!

Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Gossip , Hollywood , Kate Bosworth
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Wow, Kate Bosworth was looking so much better (above right) at a Food Bank event the other night. Just a few of months ago (above left) she was still a skeleton. Maybe she got help. I couldn't find any pictures taken of her since January. Could that be because her publicist was shielding her from the press while she was trying to gain weight? She actually looks pretty again.

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Kate would be prettier if she learned how to smile. She looks much older than she actually is.

Good for her, but I'm not crazy over the lipstick.

I don't see much of a difference.

Yeah - kind of hard to see the difference, though I know from other photos her arms seem to have meat on them again in comparison to before. That is hideous lipstick, but if you can look past it, her face is a bit rounder as well.

Hoorah! Nice to see her looking a bit less deathly...


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