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BAT's Spring Picks

Part of: LA , Slice of Life , Sparkly

MAKEUP: MAC Limited Edition Eyeliner in Mint & Olive -- get this fast it's sold out everywhere except online.

MOVIE: Hot Fuzz -- I didn't want to see this movie from the trailer, but Shaun of the Dead was hilarious and there was a special screening at the ArcLight with a Q&A afterward with the director, co-writer/actor and the other lead. Oh, and Quentin Tarantino introduced them. Go to Q&A's there if you can--the only person that was scheduled to speak was the director. Anyway, the movie is funny and if you watch a lot of action films you'll find the comedy even funnier.

MAGAZINE: April's Elle magazine (The Green issue) --a good non-preachy read so you can get better versed about how you can make a difference. Hope you realized that it was Earth Day on Sunday.

BOOK: Eat, Pray and Love -- a good book to read by someone who did something that most of us only fantasize about: taking time off to travel. Of course, the author took time off to heal from a nightmare divorce so it's non-fiction, but totally funny.

COLLECTION: H&M's organic cotton collection. I bought the cutest (subtle) off-the-shoulder top there the other day. Did you know that cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops? I'd rather not wear pesticides. I also have a top by Stewart and Brown that I love (it's part of my plane travel ensemble) but the brand is pricier. Also, check out designer Alana May. I bought the cutest tye-dyed dress from her recently that's mostly made of bamboo.

DAY TRIP: Santa Barbara --brunch at Tupelo Junction Cafe. Walk around, shop, go to the beach, museums, etc. then go for drinks/appetizers or dinner at Intermezzo or The Wine Cask if you want something fancier (they are next to each other).

BED & BREAKFAST (Santa Monica): Channel Road Inn ---I finally stayed here for a night and loved it. To stay multiple nights try to book way in advance.

3 SQUARE BAKERY (Venice): Cinnamon rolls

RESTAURANT EVENT (LA): The Makers' Dinner May 3 & 4 at Cube --OMG, I went to the first Makers' Dinner six months ago and it was amazing! There are still some reservations available, and all the proceeds go to charity. For detailed information go here. If you book a reservation, please mention that BAT sent you.

I will continue adding to this list this week....


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Correction for you.. its actually HOT FUZZ not The Fuzz. Also..I reccomend it..its really funny.

I loved Elle's Green issue. One of the best mags I've seen this year.

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