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I Heart Dresses

Part of: Christina Ricci , Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Mischa Barton
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I am still obsessed with collecting enough dresses to wear daily this summer. You have to start shopping now or else all of the good merchandise will be gone. That's pretty annoying, but whatever. I love Christina Ricci's dress that she wore to a Samsonite launch party. I believe that it's by Givenchy, but am not positive. Jamie Lynn Sigler and Michelle Trachtenberg are wearing more modern takes on the Little Black Dress. I would happily wear either one of them. I don't know why Kate Hudson is grinning ear-to-ear with yucky Owen Wilson. He's a player and a couple of 'non-famous' people have told me about him being rude and/or obnoxious to them when they were just trying to do their jobs. Anyway, Kate's adorable dress is by Ella Moss. Below we have American Idol alum (for those of you who have written wondering who she is) Katherine McPhee in Nieves Lavi. I love the print, but her clothes don't fit me very well. Mischa Barton is wearing a nice summery tunic/dress. The dress looks different depending on what angle you look at it from.

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Speaking of dresses... does anyone have any info on the dress Whitney was wearing on the Hills' afterparty?

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