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Sienna Miller Replaces Another Actress Last Minute

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Ew. Sorry to assault your senses with such a vulgar picture of Sienna Miller, but it illustrates how this starlet tries to widen her exposure in the film industry. DK was reading me a list of actresses on TMZ for a quiz on which one had bared their breasts. I was like, that's easy, Sienna Miller. Getting naked and being a player does have its perks: Sienna is now stepping into a role that according to Lindsay Lohan "has somewhat of a lesbian overtone." LL pulled out of the Dylan Thomas biopic The Best Time of Our Lives last minute allegedly due to contract negotiations. The gossip has been that Keira is very upset, but come on. If she's upset, she's totally faking it. It's not like she had a hard time finding a replacement. Sienna is usually available to sub a part last minute. Keira's mother even wrote the Dylan Thomas script based on the two women in Dylan's life. Oh, there's also some machine gun incident in it.

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Sienna Miller is disgusting and way trashy hence, disposable.

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