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Fergie Copies Avril

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Ashlee Fergie is going for the punk rock girl look that Avril Lavigne rocks when she isn't trying to be a glam girl. But Fergie hasn't commited to the look considering that she's wearing overalls instead of suspenders. I'm not quite sure why Fergie isn't wearing a pair of regular shorts--it's not like she has a limited wardrobe. Her shoes and bag need to go.

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Avril is SUCH a dumb skank. She talked so much crap about Britney Spears a few years ago when she (Avril) first came out. She said she would never sell her body like Britney and "sell out". Funny how Avril's new video features her in TINY shorts as she shakes her barely there assets in the camera lense. Avril is such a dumb ho!! Guess it works though, she was #1 this week.

That isn't Ashlee, it's Fergie. Either way, this whole punk rock look is barf.

I don't know if I'd call Fergie's look "punk" - it looks like she fell into 80s cheese to me...I think it's the shoes that kill it. That, and the hat that reminds me of Duckie from that Molly Ringwald movie. Also, I'm so not a fan of huge -white- leather purses. Something about them screams trash to me.

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