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Pretty Fergie

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Usually, it would be too early in the morning for pictures of Fergie, but something has happened that I find shocking. I found pretty pictures of Fergie!! WTF? She looks like she's hot enough to be going out with Josh Duhamel in these pictures. (Remember ladies: Less is more in the makeup department.) Sure she's wearing her heels with straps around her jeans in that style that Sienna Miller started, but other than that her outfit is even decent.

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That's as pretty as Fergie is ever going to get.

Fergie's a bit weird and chameleon-like. Sometimes she looks really, really good, but generally she looks sort of blah or even bad.

I think it's the dichotomy between her so-so facial features and her slammin' bod.

Oh, and she wears ugly clothes and hairstyles a lot. But I guess she is sort of a chav, right?

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