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[Breakfast : green tea (only because I don't feel well) ]

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Apparently dressing for a music festival in the desert is terribly difficult. Who knew that the Coachella Music Festival 2007 would be the downfall of some of Hollywood's biggest starlets? Stars like Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore even had issues. Cam's easy Cali style morphed into a 12-year-old surfer girl trying to pull off wearing boots in the desert blah. WTF? Lay off the drugs, Cam. Drew looks OK, but kind of blah. Jessica Alba looks happy as usual wearing one of the fugliest outfits ever. (I guess lack of food is starting to impair her vision-soo sad.) Lindsay Lohan goes white trash alcoholic. If only she woke up and realized that at this rate she'll look 40 when she's 25.

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Mischa Barton's 1970's tasteless eclectic rocker style sort of works at a music festival. But then you look closer and realize that the girl must have dropped acid and then got dressed. Scarlett Johansson sang back-up for Jesus and Mary Chain. Um, her singing career is already over based on what she wore. And Tara Reid. Tara Reid? Sorry, I didn't mean to include that picture. I have nothing to say about the girl.

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Wow, it's like Hollywood trash meets Woodstock. And what is up with Jessica Alba's outfit? I thought she was underweight. Now she looks like she gained fifteen pounds in that picture. Yikes. Totally unflattering.

Tara looks happy, healthy and ready for rock 'n roll fun.

holy cow!! I mean... Scarlet J!! Jeezz she really needs to lay off the high callorie diet and maybe do some squats and light jogging.

Tara actually looks pretty good. And Jessica's outfit is way more WTF than Cammie D's.

Okay, really... who's blood is Cameron Diaz drinking. She's like 35 and looks 17! I think Tara Reid gets too much shit, sure she partied and sluured a few times. But Lindsey is on coke, its been found on her several times, crashes her car (also several times) and Tara drives on the right side of the road (ahem Nicole) I feel bad for the girl.

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