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I thought I'd seen the worst of Mischa's fugly outfits ages ago. I mean, she has worn numerous fugly outfits, but some are worse than others. I can't even fathom stylist Rachel Zoe collaborating with Mischa to come up with such a monstrosity of an outfit. Whatever is making Mischa wear the fugliest outfits ever needs to stop NOW. It's too bad, because she's even worn a couple of decent dresses lately. That outfit is something you'd see on a trying-to-hard-to-be-hip tourist at Disneyland. Mischa should burn those shorts.

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All she needs is suspenders and we can call her Urkel.. hee hee

She probably dresses that way cuz she's been un employed for awhile now. Nah, it's just her tacky taste ala' Britney Spears.

She shops at Walmart?

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