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Life & Style Meets BAT -- Part 3

Part of: Fashion , Literati , Slice of Life

[Breakfast: a slice of yogurt cheese]

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I know that baggy jeans are all the rage right now. I decided that I might buy a pair, but got seduced by a new style of Citizens of Humanity jeans that had just arrived at Saks. They have a flare, though you can't tell from the picture. They are called Ingrid Flare and the color is Alcatraz. They are hot. Buy them before they sell out--seriously. Out of the baggy jeans I've seen in magazine, there's a pair by Chip and Pepper and Levi's that have caught my eye. Life & Style Weekly featured baggy jeans this week in their fashion section. Considering that all of the celebrities in this picture are skinny and the baggy pants make them look bigger is not a good sign. Make sure they are figure flattering before you hop on this trend.

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[Image Courtesy of Life & Style Weekly]

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hmm..the article says that the wide leg "flatters" all shapes...I don't think so...

Too hot.. too heavy and you look like a stupid gnome sailor unless you are over 5'8"

Yeah...when I think wide-legged baggy pants, I think of anorexic girls from the early/mid 90's. Back before the 00 was a size, they'd wear big jeans and complain about how big the clothes were. That and huge sweatshirts/tees. These types of clothes are made to make little people accentuate their little-ness.

That said, sometimes it's a nice feeling to not have to pour yourself into your someone said above - PLEASE don't do this look if you're not tall. It can't have good consequences.

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