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The Nickelodeon Awards

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Jessica Alba , Television
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If I were Dakota Fanning, I would not take a picture standing next to my adorable younger sister. Hollywood should watch out for the fierceness that is Elle Dakota. We also have Emma Roberts in an Alice and Olivia dress that SJP recently wore. I like the dress, but hate the shoes. Gwen is looking very "OC" again. I like how she's changed up her hair in the last couple of years, but here she went old school. I also feel like we've seen her wearing that same outfit in different versions of late. I mean, she has a whole collection to choose from--WTF?

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Hayden Panetierre looks like she's dressed for a school dance, but at least she looks her age. Hilary Duff's stylist should have known when to stop with the yellow and gold since Hilary wasn't dressing for the yellow brick road--duh! Jamie Lynn Spears should get some attention, ya'll. I'm glad that she dressed in bright orange and looked so pulled together. Mama Spears (her stylist) went a little overall with the gold too. The shoes would've looked better in another color.

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Is it me, or has Jessica Alba looked pissed off lately? She stepped it up here a bit, but there's a certain je ne sais quoi missing. Maybe it's 'cause her trousers are way too long and she tripped. Her Gucci top is lovely and I like her hair color. Mandy Moore needs to fire her stylist. She's so pretty, but lately all of her looks have been falling flat. Yellow is not her color. Note: No matter how trendy a color or style is do not wear it if it doesn't look good on you. Nicole Kidman is becoming so scary plastic that she's going to turn into Meg Ryan if she doesn't watch out.

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