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Ryan and Rachel are (Allegedly) Splitsville

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I hate to say I told you so, but I did. It was obvious when Ryan Gosling didn't bring Rachel McAdams to the Oscars that they were done. Oh, and at his film premiere for Fracture he brought his sister. Their publicists tried to cover for them. First People magazine did an interview with Rachel who talked lovingly about Ryan. Then Ryan spoke highly of Rachel in an interview for some other magazine. Next the rumor was that they were getting married ASAP. Oh, but Rachel's rep denied that rumor. US Weekly had three different sources telling them conflicting stories about R &R's relationship status. (I'm glad that I have solid sources.) Well, the reason why there are so many conflicting reports is because R&R play the breakup and makeup game quite often. Tres B-o-r-i-n-g. It's simply not good for Rachel's career when they're broken up. Why else would Ryan tell People had "no idea" when asked whether the two were still dating at Fracture's NYC premiere last night? Oh, and he brought his mom to the premiere. Rachel is totally desperate and dumb if she gets back together with him in the future. An Oscar date diss is the worst diss for an actor or actress.

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