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--Jennifer Lopez should think about getting pregnant and retiring ASAP before her career is totally over. Her Spanish album sold a dismal 49,452 copies and finished at No. 10 for the week, proving that Jenny doesn’t have any friends from the block anymore. Her album sold less than a repackaging of Elton John’s greatest hits. Ay Caramba! [Source]

--Is Howard K. Stern a prescription drug junkie? No, he was just Anna’s enabler considering that 8 of the 11 prescriptions she had were under his name and prescribed by one doctor. Oh, and 600 pills were missing from her prescription that were only 5 weeks old when she died. I bet the looters took them. [Source]

--Los Angeles fashion designers are smarter than I thought. Allegedly, very few of them showed up for the “Project Runway” auditions held this weekend at the downtown Standard Hotel. Maybe they weren’t psyched to be judged by people like Santino. [Source]

--19-year-old singer, Joss Stone, is allegedly dating a 40-year-old producer named Raphael Saadiq. Good, maybe he’ll give her a makeover. She used to have cute hair and wear decent clothes. [Source]

--Anna Farris is divorcing her husband,. Um, I had no idea that she was even married. [Source]

---Martin Scorsese is giving a master class on moviemaking to students and film buffs at The Cannes Film Festival May 24, the festival said Wednesday. OMG, if I go to the festival this year I’m so going to that. [Source]


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