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Fashionista Du Jour

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I know this dress is very simple, but there's something that I like about it. Lindsay Lohan pretty much looks like shit here because her face is too tan/leathery and her hair is blah. It's a good thing she's wearing a decent dress. This picture was taken before her appearance on David Letterman.

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Lindsay really needs to quit coke.. her face is all whack looking & worn out. She's going to look super old really fast if she doesnt quit..especially how she rollercoasters up and down with the weight. what a trainwreck.

That dress doesn't work for me. It looks shapeless. The white lines are the only things that save it. From the front, blah. From the back, better.

What an oddity, that cloth thing.

I do hope Lindsay gets it together. Sheesh.

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