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Gossip for Breakfast

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[Breakfast: Fage yogurt w/ oats and mango. Green tea.]

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I haven't written about Kimberly Stewart in a long time because there's nothing new to say about her. She doesn't do anything for a living that I know of, and she hasn't been dating anyone famous. Talking about how gross she is gets old. However, after witnessing Kim in public yesterday I had to break my silence. Kim really is an arrogant and skanky attention whore. I was really relieved to know that what I had previously written about her was true.

Yesterday I dragged DK into Planet Blue in Malibu.The store was beyond crowded because of Mothers Day. After browsing a bit, DK pointed out that there was a skanky woman who was changing in the middle of the store. He said, You can see her bra! On closer inspection I realized it was Kimberly Stewart. Oh, and she was actually wearing a gold lame bikini--I guess that's slightly less skanky than stripping down to your bra and underwear. Kim tried on at least five dresses and threw them all on the floor in between prancing around in her bikini. When she was done, she left her mess. Kim didn't buy anything, but yelled at one of the salesgirls that she would be back. I'm sure that made the girl's day.

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Kimberly must be a stripper considering that she was also stripping at Coachella seen above. At least she works.

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What's Fage yogurt?

Gross. I glanced at these photos and thought that was a post diet Britney Spears. It would explain the fashion.

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