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Scary Scarlett vs. Pretty Amanda

Part of: Fashion , Fugly , Gossip , Hollywood , NYC , Scarlett Johansson
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Scarlett Johansson had better watch out. You know you're in trouble when a socialite (Amanda Hearst) looks better than you at an event that you're hosting. SJ looks like a younger (though prettier) version of Courtney Love again. Of course she's wearing Louis Vuitton since it's a LV event, but she looks like she's going to prom.

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Im sorry but I do not like SJ.. She is so over rated and looks old for her age..she's younger than me! wow. She does look pretty retarded here, especially with her really bad bleach job.

I like Scarlett Johansson because she usually pulls off outifts without trying too hard. This one is a little too much for her.

Ugh.. cant get over this.. whats with the eyebrows on SJ?

What with the eyebrows? Looks like she had her hair and makeup done at the local "Curl Up and Dye" salon

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