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Ashton Hearts Himself Moore

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , LA , Seinfeld-esque
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1. DEMI: "Yes, I'm hot and he's hot." ASHTON: "I'll always be hotter than she is because I'm younger and a guy."

2. DEMI: "He's all mine ladies and gents!! ALL MINE!!!!! ASHTON: "Damn, Demi can get so possessive."

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3. DEMI: "Argh!!" ASHTON: Ruff, ruff!!!

4. Ashton: "Don't worry, I'll teach you your fourth sex lesson later tonight." RUMER: "Yeah...I know."

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Clever dialogue! I had a good chuckle. He is very obviously sizing his "daughter" up.

Yeah. Kinda... something.

Lame. From BarbB.

Wow, Demi looks like Ashton's mother in those pics. Also, in the second one, her stomach will definitely spark baby bump rumors.

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