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Gossip For Breakfast

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[Breakfast: 1/2 Eggs Benedict, strawberry/banana smoothie and chamomile tea]

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Hey, guys. I'm on vacation for a week in Hawaii. Yes, I finally got my own tropical vacation. I'm not sure how much I'll be posting. I did hear from one of my sources close to Lindsay Lohan's new movie that she is leaving rehab to do rehearsals for Poor Things and not to work out as has been reported. I'm sure that Promises has a state of the art gym--that's kind of obvious.

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Those people are idiots and very evil for tempting Lindsay to work while she should be concentrating on her improving health and life.

That's awesome you got your vacation Tiffany, but you are missing ALL THE SALES!!! Barneys has select CL'S for 50% off and bags at 40% off! I hope you get to do some shopping in Hawaii!!!

what a week to skip posting!

there was so much business to be had.

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