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Wigs for Kids, Not Starlets

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Hey Guys,

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to decide what to do with my hair. Should I highlight it for the summer and cut it shorter or should I grow it out and keep it the same brunette color? Then I was thinking about four of the most papped celebrities in Hollywood: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Beyonce and Britney Spears. All four of them have been known to use multiple wigs and hair extensions. Most of us can't afford to switch the color of our hair every other week or get new human hair woven into our own at the drop of a hat, but what about the children who have cancer and need temporary wigs or even permanent ones for other medical conditions? Think of how much our hair is a part of our vanity. Most of us have experienced a bad cut in our lives and felt unhappy for months about it. So, I've decided to grow out my hair, not color it for that period of time and donate it to Wigs for Kids and I'm putting out a challenge to my readers to do the same. (I will track my progress ever so often here and would love to hear from any of my readers who are doing the challenge.) There's another charity called Locks of Love where you can donate hair that has been chemically treated, but is still in good shape. Please note that am not affiliated with either of these charities and have only done a small amount of research on them.

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I'm so glad you're back I missed reading your posts. I think what you're doing is wonderful and an inspiration to others that have thought about doing the same and now will follow your example. Kudos.

Thanks for bringing attn to Locks of Love & Wigs for Kids.

I'm in the process of growing out my hair for Locks of Love (since I've dyed it before)...and I encourage other women to take the challenge!

Its only hair, and ours will grow back. But imagine the difference it will make to a little girl (or a little boy) who will have a chance to put on the wig and go out and enjoy themselves in public without getting stared at or looks of pity because they're automatically a "kid with cancer".

Illness can make being uncomfortable, and imagine being a sick child, and everywhere you go others look at you funny - or worse, they avoid you because you make them uncomfortable!!!

So I encourage readers to take the challenge! Go for it! Make a huge difference in a child's life!



I am interested in donating my hair to Wigs for kids. I went to their website to find salons in my area that will cut your hair for free when you donate it, but that part of their site is not functioning properly. Do you know of another way I can get that information? I can't pay for a hair cut at this time.

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