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Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

Part of: Random , Slice of Life , Sparkly

[Breakfast: Iced green tea and 1/2 a cappucino muffin (from Joan's on Third).]


Do you guys ever make lists of things that you want? I made a list of the kind of man that I wanted in my life and got him a year later. When my old accountant told me that he did that and then met his wife (now his ex) I thought it was kind of cheesy, but a couple of years later I tried it. I realized that is was smart to figure out what I really wanted instead of knowing what I didn't want. Focusing on what we don't want doesn't bring us what we want. Yeah, I finally had that epiphany. So on to more superficial things...I was feeling sleep deprived and dehydrated last night so I made a list of superficial materialistic things that I wanted. It was a list of nice things that we as chicks should invest in after we've paid off our debt, opened a savings account and had some extra money that we'd normally waste away on other random stuff. In no particular order:

1. Expensive Lingerie

2. Nice Sunglasses ( I lose every expensive pair that I buy, but still have all the cheap ones)

3. " " Wallet

4. " " Bag

5. " " Watch

6. " " Shoes

7. " " Coat

8. " " Jacket

9. " " Luggage

10. New Car

11. Pucci or Missoni Bikini

12. Art

13. Diamond Stud Earrings

14. Dream Vacation


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So happy to see a new post! I'm loving the idea of making a list of things you "want"-- I feel like I always see and note things in life I don't want, but don't focus so much on specific things I do want... great idea!

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