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Gossip for Breakfast: Why You Shouldn't Live With an Actress

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood

[Breakfast: pain au chocolat and green tea]


Reader Anne Brian writes:

"I lived with Rachel McAdams in Toronto for 1 year. She is the most two-faced person you will ever meet. She treats everyone like shit unless they can help to further her career. My friend is a casting director and she would be all over him like a fat kid on smarties when he came over; keep in mind she only spoke to me when he was around to ensure he invited her to all the industry fake. She constantly hit on my boyfriend which was awesome. She also bailed on 2 months rent and slit my tires on my car when I asked her to move out. NOT a nice girl. At the academy awards for Science/Tech she treated the staff so badly so will not be invited back...."

Dear Anne:

It looks like you learned why you shouldn't live with an actress the hard way. Smart actresses will do whatever it takes to get famous (so will actors). The lengths that they will go to can be sickening. Mixing insecurity with craziness and the desire to be famous is a lethal mix.

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