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Here are all the entries about: Rachel Bilson

Fashionista Du Jour

April 03, 2007
Part of: Fashion , Fashionista Du Jour , Gossip , Hollywood , Rachel Bilson , Television

Click Photo to Enlarge I like Rachel Bilson's casually chic outfit. I wonder if she's still dating Hayden Christensen ? I don't get him--I think he has no sex appeal whatsoever. She really has a thing for dorky guys. Related...[More]

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Fashion Friday: C-Thru Tops

March 16, 2007
Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Rachel Bilson , The Olsens

Click Photos to Enlarge I probably wouldn't wear a c-thru top during the day unless I was on vacation somewhere tropical or at the beach. Tara Reid took this look one step further by not wearing a bra. Why...[More]

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The Break-up x 2

December 05, 2006
Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Rachel Bilson , Television

Click Photos to Enlarge It's hard for me to believe that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn were ever together. There aren't even many paparazzi pictures of them, which is strange. And in most of the ones that do exist,...[More]

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Starlets With Dogs

October 13, 2006
Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Jessica Alba , Jessica Simpson , Kate Bosworth , Mischa Barton , Rachel Bilson , Sienna Miller

[Breakfast: a hard-boiled egg] Click Photos to Enlarge This is a hard one because people usually resemble their dogs. Jessica Alba resembles her new pooch, but not her two pugs. Kate Bosworth should have the smallest and thinnest dog alive....[More]

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Celebrities at the Airport

September 29, 2006
Part of: Drew Barrymore , Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Jessica Simpson , Lindsay Lohan , Rachel Bilson

Yes, I Am Famous Click Photos to Enlarge Victoria and David Beckham are probably the best dressed airport couple I've ever seen. It's almost scary how perfect they look after landing in Venice. Jessica Simpson looks normal for once and...[More]

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Fashion Friday--Baggy Pants Trend

September 22, 2006
Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Kate Moss , Paris Hilton , Rachel Bilson

Click Photos to Enlarge We've all been told by fashion magazines and blogs that skinny trousers and jeans are the only pants that look 'now'. Fashion icon Kate Moss has been photographed several times in the past couple of...[More]

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Fashionista Du Jour

September 18, 2006
Part of: Fashion , Fashionista Du Jour , Hollywood , Rachel Bilson , Television

[Breakfast: a poppy seed muffin and chai green tea] Click Photo to Enlarge Rachel Bilson is trying to look extra cute so that she can ditch The O.C. for a movie career. Let's hope that she doesn't star in any...[More]

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