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Are You Googleable?

Part of: Trick Or Treat

EDIT** No it's not a conspiracy--I'm back on top. It had to do with my hosting site's server being down for a long while.

EDIT* Google has spanked me. All of a sudden my website is nowhere to be found, though my MCN stuff still comes up first on a search. Is it a conspiracy?

Breakfast: biscotti and a free glazed Krispy Kreme donut

My fortune from last night:A thrilling time is in your immediate future

“Have you Googled him yet?” Stella asked me a few weeks ago about a potential suitor.


It didn’t register at first. Wasn’t this a passé term? Or had it been hip, then un-hip, and now was a part of everyday slang.

“Well, no, I haven’t. I mean, I don’t think anything interesting would come up.”

Goggling someone was bad news. My ex is *very* Googleable, and the information I found out about him confused me and freaked me out, but I did date him despite my findings.

Note: People who are loved and adored aren’t all that interesting to read about in internet searches.

But now Stella had planted the thought in my head. I’d Google him when I remembered. I did know a subversive factoid about him. I wished I could Google it, but then that would be an oxymoron.

A person who couldn’t be Googled was potentially much more interesting, I’ve realized. The high I’d once felt as a result of my name climbing to the top of all the “Tiffany Stone” gems on Google, didn’t quite do it anymore.

(Before I was born there was no such thing as a “Tiffany Stone” gem.--WTF?)

It was like how I still used my mothers' Ralphs Club card instead of getting my own so another company was able to track my every move. I mean, I have a credit card and a debit card, what do I care if Ralphs has my PO Box?

Is Googling someone just short of doing a background check? Oh, I think the latter is generally abhorrent. But maybe the ethics of Googling someone is contingent on what information you're looking for.


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